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Profiles for drywall

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Profiles for drywall installation - these are the elements of the system of fastening drywall (gypsum) sheets for different reasons. Profiles are manufactured in modern forming equipment from a thin steel strip with a thickness of 0,45-0,6 mm. The standard length of 3000 mm profiles, but in agreement with the customer, they can be manufactured with different sizes.
Profiles are also used to create frames that are different in design and purpose, as well as prefabricated walls, linings and ceilings.
Profiles are only available with a galvanized coating. Under the influence of atmospheric oxygen is covered with a thin layer of zinc oxide, which prevents it from further oxidation. Zinc coating interacts with the surface of steel forms an effective protective layer, which can be broken only by exposure to concentrated acids. Designated sections of galvanized profiles do not require additional protection against corrosion.




The basic structure


The guide thick


The guide thin



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